I mentioned in the welcome post on the blog that I created a podcast series The Photographers Notebook Podcast. The first episode has been published and on the show, I interviewed one of the top concert photographers in the Washington, DC area – Mike Byrd. I was very happy that Mike agreed to be my first guest on the show to share his experiences as a professional photographer shooting some of the top performers in the entertainment industry.

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I have two additional episodes already planned and scheduled.  Check out the show notes below for links to everything mentioned on the show.


~ Daniel

About The Episode

On the inaugural episode of The Photographers Notebook, a special guest and expert concert photographer stopped by the studio and shared his knowledge on how he got started in the lucrative field of concert photography.

What to Listen For

    • How to get started in concert photography.
    • Challenges you will face and how to overcome them.
    • Practical steps in becoming a concert photographer.

Resources mentioned in the Episode

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